The Mystic Wanderers

TMW Member Rules & Regulations

1. Only 18+ age group people are permitted.
2. Valid motorcycle license & documents required.
3. Riders are responsible for their personal & vehicle safety.
4. No rider should consume alcohol or any intoxicating substance atleast 8 hours before the
ride, nor carry any illegal substance can be carried by the rider or pillion during the ride.
5. No stunts are encouraged.
6. No political flags on the bike.
7. No religion based or controversial discussions or messages.
8. Headlight should always be on.
9. Payment to be done 2 days before the ride.
10. Car member will have to pay the ride charges + fuel charges will be applicable.
11. Pillion rider has to pay 50% fuel charges to the rider (mutually).
12. No refund once the payment is done.
Also going forward we will follow few rules during our rides to make the ride easy and
comfortable for everyone –
1. Fill your fuel tanks before hand.
2. Carry your own tool kit.
3. We will follow one row format
4. Follow buddy system – 1 rider will lead the rest and 1 will be at the back and rest will be ride
in between.
5. Front rider will wait at the junctions for other riders to catch up.
6. The route will be discussed at the beginning of the ride.
7. Members have to be at the meeting point on given time or the team won’t wait back.